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Written by NASE     August 16, 2013    
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“Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it.”- George Halas

My name is Fareeha and I am a sophmore at Hammond High. Soccer is my absolute passion, my number one stress reliever, and favorite downtime activity. Stepping onto that field gives me a wild rush that words cannot even begin to explain. It’s a place where I can only move forward, be myself and focus.  I could be thrown down to the ground but only to get back up faster and stronger than ever. It’s  never about how hard you get hit, what’s amazing is how hard your hit and still manage to stand once more. For weeks I’ve had to deal with agonizing shin splints that would shoot up my leg every time I took a step. I’ve sprained both ankles and have gotten a concussion almost three times. I’ve been in the hospital for all sorts of soccer related accidents. But none of these misfortunes can ever stop my cleats from dancing on the grass and chasing that ball. None of these mishaps can permanently take me away from running on that field. And none of these misadventures can ever stop me from pursuing my dream. Every athlete sweats with spirit. Playing soccer has taught me lessons that no one can teach you, but yourself. It’s given me confidence and strength to face problems on and off the field. 

Soccer will forever play an intense role in my life. Every skill I’ve developed, every trick I have learned, and every obstacle I’ve had to come across are mine- no one in the world can take that away. They are what have defined me as the athlete I am today. So always remember, it is impossible for someone to take away your talent, preserve it with practice. Give it 110 %, never give up, and keep on kickin’ it.


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