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Written by Amina L. Gilyard     September 07, 2012    
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School, heavy work schedules and the long hectic days that consume us all! Around this time of year things tend to get a little hairy and sooner than later you may be longing for a sandy beach or at least a stay-cation. The key to avoiding a burnout is to stay physically AND mentally healthy. Don’t let returning to the “norm” after months of summer fun destroy your mood.

First, avoid chomping on unhealthy foods in response to feelings of increased pressure. When the stress hormone in our bodies is elevated for a long period of time, we commonly resort to “stress eating” or “comfort food.” Unfortunately, this can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

{xtypo_rounded4} In order to combat this, it is important to keep stress hormone levels at a minimum by keeping our anxiety level as low as possible. Yes, this is easier said than done, but read on. {/xtypo_rounded4} Next, consider switching from super intense summertime exercise to more soothing workouts. Fall is also the perfect time to try alternative types of exercise that sometimes get lost in the summer shuffle. For example, Martial Arts, Yoga and Pilates are forms of physical activity that serve a dual purpose as they are designed to keep you physically fit and stress-free! If you do not have a regular workout routine, adopt one now! Regular exercise carries many benefits, including easing stress and anxiety, lifting your mood, sharpening brainpower, improving self-esteem, and boosting energy.

Once you have a grip on these simple tips, mix it up by adding mentally stimulating exercises into your routine. These are beyond the scope of your normal physical activities, for example journal writing & scrapbooking, meditation, painting, or attending a cultural dance class.   Remember, you can be gloomy because summer is ending or be excited that fall is coming- but the choice is completely up to YOU!


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