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Written by Amina L. Gilyard     June 16, 2012    
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Feeling sluggish? Achy? Grumpy? You may want to call your doctor or you may just want to watch what you eat. It is no secret that overly processed, sugary, salty “junk” foods can put on the pounds, hike up our blood pressure and trash our cholesterol…but how else are these foods affecting us? Common “junk” foods don’t normally have all the nutrients our body needs to function properly. So if the majority of your diet is “junk” food, you will almost certainly experience many physical and mental health effects.

Fear not, help is here! If you are ready and serious about changing your diet then there are plenty of tasty foods that are also great for you. Incorporating healthy snacks such as a fresh fruit salad, cup of yogurt, low fat microwave popcorn or almonds into your diet will surely get you on track to a healthier mind and body. Read more about healthy food alternatives in the April issue of Fitness Magazine.

Written by Amina L. Gilyard, M.Ed., CHES

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