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Written by Coach Jones     May 05, 2012    
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T he first regular season flag football game between Lady Elite and Lady Outlawz took place at Deanwood Recreation Center under near-perfect football weather on Sunday.  With a good capacity crowd on hand the former Ely League Champions Lady Elite, led by head coach Leonard Teamer and Defensive Coordinator Chris Jackson took the field against the Lady Outlawz. The Lady Outlawz, led by head coach Jovan Means are the new comers to the league.  They represent some of the newest talents the Ely Flag Football League of Washington, DC has to offer.


Early on in the contest, Lady Elite showed flashes of the same athleticism and swagger that took them to the championship a year ago by driving the ball into Lady Outlawz territory multiple times.  The first couple of drives were well executed, however, Lady Elite failed to capitalize on their drives.  The only score of the game came late in the first half by the Lady Outlawz, but was called back for a penalty because the receiver’s flag fell off at the line of scrimmage.  In the second half, the momentum shifted to the Lady Elite as they drove down the field and made several passes into the end zone but the receivers just couldn’t seem to bring the ball in.  Although both teams battled tirelessly, neither one could secure the winning touchdown.  For now, bragging rights will have to be put on hold until these ladies meet on the field again.


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