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National Athletics was created to serve as the premier hub within local communities where youth, young adults, and collegiate athletes may gain access to tools designed to foster excellence in academic and athletic performance. We provide youth, young adults and collegiate athletes with:

A - Access to the top educational and training opportunities of interest to them from around the country and in their local community.

I - Involvement in events that create a spirit of cooperation and raise awareness to be physically fit and academic achievement within their communities.

M - Management of their own academic and professional interests by allowing each user to compare his or her current levels of success with those of his peers in their local community and around the country at N.A.S.E CENTRAL "National Athletics peer-to-peer sports-network medium online.


By participating in National Athletics' programs, community users will:


·         Network with peers interested in academic achievement and sport performance


·         Discover resources to enhance their academic and sport performance


·         Find valuable information about sports nutrition and scientifically proven ideas to increase performance in school and in sports


·         Speak with fellow users directly through interactive web forums


·         Share pictures and information about upcoming or previous events significant to the development of user's skills and abilities.


·         Read real-time news stories about current events of interest to academic and athletic development


·         Register to participate in National Athletic academic and sports-related programs within the local community



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