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Written by Coach Jones     January 31, 2012    
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When the Chicago Bulls took the court against the Washington Wizards on January 30th the feeling in air was gloomy.    The Bulls took an early lead to go up against the Wizards.  The air in the contest began to change once John Wall entered the game. 

A spark from Nick Young and John Wall kept the Wizard within a respectable deficit.  On this day the League MVP; Mr. D2 (aka Derrick Rose) was the factor that kept the Wizard behind the first half.  Every time Derrick Rose touch the ball; you just knew that a Michael Jordon moment was about to happen.  Rose would continue to score, taking advantage of missed shots by the wizards.

 At the half the Wizards were behind 12 points.  The next quarter Rose shared the ball with his teammates and the Wizards bench responded by coming alive in the 3rd quarter.  During the last 5 minutes of the game the Bulls capable starters closed the game by out scoring the Wizards by 10 point.


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